BetterTax HFA Cup

The Homeless FA successfully piloted our first national street soccer tournament, the BetterTax HFA Cup, on 5th December 2013 at the Trafford Powerleague in Manchester.


The event showcased our special brand of 4-a-side football, as well as a groundbreaking tournament structure with equal points being awarded for both result and fair play.


The day was a huge success with 100% of players, staff and spectators surveyed saying that they would like to take part in the tournament again. 100% believed that the event helped them to make new friends, 97% that it helped distract them from issues in their life and 97% that it made them feel part of something.


The Fair Play Points system was also well received, with 94% of those surveyed believing that it made them think more during a match and directly encouraged fair play.


Everyone at the Homeless FA would like to thank the staff and players from our fantastic Community Members who made the day such a success, as well as our fantastic sponsors BetterTax who made it all possible.


The 2013 male tournament was won by Start Again Project and the 2013 women’s tournament by Liverpool Homeless Football Club.



All the pictures from the day can be found on our Flickr page.


Applications to the 2014 HFA Cup will be open to all members of the Homeless FA Community.



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