The Street Football Association

What is The Street Football Association?  

We are currently establishing The Street Football Association, open to all professional clubs in England that use football as a means of improving the lives of people experiencing social exclusion. Participating clubs have the opportunity to deliver our Street Football Association Training Programme, an evolution of our award-winning Training Centre Programme. This new programme will launch in March/April 2016.

The Street Football Association Training Programme will be a year-round activity, with weekly sessions delivered at a host of our professional club partners across England. They will include engaging street football training and workshops, partly taken from our Real Skills FC training manual – designed to develop both football and functional life skills – interwoven with the delivery of other training and qualifications.


Just as with our previous Training Centre Programme, the training will provide unique experiences and opportunities for all players, regardless of football ability. The emphasis remains on personal development, both on and off the pitch, and we will continue to support players to positively transform their own situations.


Beyond The Street Football Association Training Programme, many additional opportunities and avenues to continue personal progression will be provided by Centrepoint and our partner clubs . These include employment, volunteering, training and further education.


Once a player is part of a Street Football Association Training Programme they will be eligible to represent their club at a Street Football Association Festival. These exciting match days, run by Centrepoint and The Street Football Association, will include a street football tournament along with other inspirational elements retained from the Training Centre Programme, including our hero portraits.




Team selections will be made by club staff and Player Progression Programme volunteers using inclusive selection criteria. The incentive of playing for a professional football club on a national stage is an integral part of this new programme. These Championships will also include good practice seminars for delivery staff.


The Street Football Association Training Programme is now the first step on the Team England ladder. Street Football Team England will be selected every June from participants drawn from The Street Football Association Training Programmes over the previous year, with a particular focus on positive attitude, teamwork, commitment, interpersonal and organisational skills, as well as improved health and wellbeing.


More information coming soon.


Player Progression Programme 

The Player Progression Programme is a fantastic opportunity for outstanding individuals who have successfully completed a Homeless FA or Street Football Association programme to continue their personal development and support future activities. Former players can stay a part of the programmes by taking on voluntary roles such as Club Coordinator, Coach, Peer Support and other trainee positions.


Player Progression Programme volunteers are in attendance during English Street Football Association Training Programme activities, encouraging current players, providing practical support to football club staff and assisting with the selection of Street Football Team England. They are able to do all of this by drawing on their own experiences, and are one of the most inspirational elements of the programme for new players.


Everyone on the Player Progression programme is selected and trained by the Homeless FA.

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