Real Skills FC

Since its inception in 2011 the Homeless FA worked with the Homeless World Cup and other partners to develop an approach to coaching that used street football to enable people to positively transform their lives. As The Street Football Association, this scientifically-backed and impact-driven approach will continue through Real Skills FC.


Real Skills FC provides players with the skills they need to make positive changes, both on and off the pitch; skills which empower them to take control of their education, employment and health. Real Skills For Change.


The programme includes an extensive user-friendly curriculum.



Following a very successful pilot with Sport England in 2015, we are rolling Real Skills FC out as an integral part of the Street Football Association Programme, whilst continuing to develop the curriculum further, looking in even greater detail at the science behind our groundbreaking behaviour-change work. We are also looking to develop a simplified version of the 12 unit-long curriculum for the wider homelessness and social sport sector.



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