The National Football Museum

Museums are the keepers of our precious wealth. Be it anything related to our history, we wish to keep it aside saving it for our coming generations too. Sports museums are one of a kind that preserves conducts exhibitions of various treasures that any sports lover would want to see. The National Football Museum in Manchester is such a unique museum that beholds and preserves the most precious historical items related to football.

It is important to mention that football is not just a game; it is much more than that. It is a game with emotions that run through our veins with lots of spirits. The National football museum is situated in the historical city of England that is Manchester. Yes, the historical place of football that preserves conserves and displays the most precious memories of football.

Let’s take a look at this amazing museum. It is a publicly funded museum and hence, there is no entrance fee! That is definitely a merit as it warmly welcomes anyone from across the globe. It was in 2001 when the museum opened at the Preston North end’s deep sale ground exhibiting about thousand sets of balls, boots, paintings, artifacts and all those related to football.

And definitely, it has the huge FIFA collections that attracted a number of people from across the world. The number of viewers was a hit score as the museum was not just with some football moments but it carried a strong deep emotion with its own uniqueness!

Even though the museum was a hit, due to the closure of the external fund it was forced to shut down unfortunately in 2010. But that didn’t shake with the impact it brought. The government officials realized the value of such a museum in the country. It wasn’t for only their citizens but for all around the world with a gratitude to football. And so, the Manchester city council joined together to reopen the National Football Museum in the Urbis building designed by Manchester architect Ian Simpson. It wasn’t just a dream but a major process of reuniting and hence, it did happen.

With the investment from European Regional Development Fund, the National Football Museum opened in, Manchester in July 2012. It turned out so well and successful that, millions and billions of football fans visited the museum from across the globe! The whole world seems to be waiting for that huge event, for those who have always loved and carried the football in the heart it’s more than a museum. The museum had thousands of exhibits related to football. Even diverse exhibits of art, fashion, history and all those linked to football! That is how this museum would never bore you with some preserved items. They also conduct various temporary exhibitions and programs of high world class objects!

This clearly depicts that the National Football Museum is more than a museum but an enchanting kingdom of a growing historical culture that is football! It’s really worth your time to visit such an astonishing place and to be a part of a historical revolution. If there is a football lover in each one of us, that reveals how much of a sport is football and also that how much influence it has laid upon us. To cherish the art of this game it must be preserved and encouraged so that, the upcoming generation also realizes its eternal value!

The National Football Museum