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Darts is encreasingly becoming a favorite sport across Europe and around the world. It is one of the most interesting and captivating non-contact sports that brings to the fore the most skilled and talented players seen anywhere in any sport. This makes it an incredibly good option for betting on darts online because with good strategy, it is easy to get good odds on good players.

One of the markets that offers real value is the 'First 100+ checkout' matchbet. This bet relies heavily on a player's ability to hit the required spots when it matters most.

The Basics

In darts, the objective of the players is to clear a specific figure by reducing that figure with every throw of the dart and finally hitiing a double or the bulls eye with the last dart. With every dart thrown, the players total is reduced accordingly. The most common game is the 501 where the first player to clear that figure to zero wins the leg or the match.

A nine dart finish is the best possible clearance where a player uses just nine darts to clear 501 points. Remember that each player throws three darts per round and hence a nine dart finish requires three rounds.

If a player has 170 points or less remaining on the scoreboard, that player has an outshot meaning that he can checkout with just three darts. A checkout is therefore the last round of darts where the player clears their scoreboard to zero to win the leg or the match. Most checkouts however, are not as high as 170 and are in fact below 100.

The Market

The bet here is to wager on who you think will be the first to checkout a score of 100 or higher. A good example is the match between Gary Anderson and Van Gerwen where the odds looked like this;

        First 100+ checkout

        Anderson - 2.2            Micheal - 1.616

In this case, if you think Gary Anderson will be the first to checkout 100 plus points, then you'd put your money on him at odds of 2.2. If you fancy Micheal Van Gerwen to clear 100 points or more first, then you'd wager on him at odds of 1.616. It is pretty straight forward and with a little bit of information, a good market to bet on.

Betting strategy

The top players usually have no problem checking out 100 points or more. When a really top player is on the oche, it is much better to put your money on them to checkout 100 points or more first.

When two top players meet, things get a little bit interesting . First of all, the odds will be close to evens for both players, which is a good thing for the punter, and of course it gets a little bit difficult to pick a player who will clear 100 points first. This is because either player can clear that figure. The person who gets to throw first here gains a massive advantage in this market but as we are betting before the game starts, we do not have this information and therefore we cannot put it into consideration.

To bet in such a scenario, you will want to take a look at both players current form. Form is one of the most important factors to consider when betting on darts. The player in better form, or rather, the one who has been playing better darts in the recent past is the one you should be looking to back in this market.

A common phrase we use is ' Form is temporary but class is permanent'. This is true, but be ware not to put your money on a sleeping lion. It is always better to put your money on a player on fire. A good example was the recent world championships where Rob Cross beat Phil 'The Power' Taylor. Phil is undoubted class but Rob was in good form.

All in all, this market offers real value to the punter and one that can be a really good option to consider. Take a look at the next darts fixtures and check whether there are some good options on players to checkout 100 faster than their opponent.

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